Published in the Economic Journal article dated 2011/03/21 from Mr. SULEIMAN BIN SALIM AL.HARBI CHAIRMAN OF SAUDI PAN KINGDOM HOLDING COMPANY and a member of the Council of Makkah Region:
Monday, March 21st, 2011
Resolutions of the King historic addressed the youth and has aspirations and that decisions were closely linked with all matters linked to the citizen of his religious and worldly affairs in the long run; where it came from the decisions in the interest of the homeland and the citizen and the emphasize that the citizen is the most important in the government's agenda, a sense that from which all decisions and to have the support and utilize all the possibilities for the citizens to enjoy a decent life. He noted that the meeting with Minister of Trade with the Minister of Labour men of money and business in the Kingdom, according to royal orders will have a positive impact on economic mobility in all its details and its parts, noting that a favorable opportunity for each business of state involvement in strengthening the sector and support it through the resettlement of more of the functions, which are historic decisions confirm the proper approach and straight to the leaders of our kingdom dear, God supported them. Targeted and strategic issues will contribute to enhancing the development process of give and witnessed by our Kingdom and open the doors of the future for their children for a peaceful life and dignity. He added :''The size of the huge financial orders issued by the Royal King of Hearts after the auspicious return to the homeland, in addition to orders issued yesterday confirms the seriousness of the state and their sincere desire to achieve happiness and well-being of sons and daughters of this generous country''. And provide all safe would stimulate these energies, which would give them the opportunity to exercise national action and words .

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